I am back to work, in Phase 2, here are the details.


Brian Mount WholeBody Living

Wherever you find yourself in life and however you feel about it. Whatever you want to do next; there is one thing I know. Your body has been with you every step of the way. It carries your best sense of what you want for yourself.

No matter how you got into this bind, or the desires you have lost track of, or the hardships you have endured. Your body has been with you every step of the way. It is your best guide forward into the life that is waiting for you now.

WholeBody Living is a place to come together, to learn and to explore, to heal and to grow. I offer tools and techniques, resonant accompaniment and a safe space to explore with the support of a group or one-on-one.




I am back to work!

WholeBody Living is open for in-person appointments, including Massage Therapy and other table work. I am taking appointments for all work. Massage Therapy is limited to returning clients only, at this time. We have made some adjustments to meet the new operating guidelines, but much remains the same. My new procedures are outlined below. I …

Individual Sessions

Is there something specific you would like to explore?

An individual session gives you time and space to be supported in the way that feels just right for you. Individual sessions allow you to explore things that you may not want to share in a group setting.  Some work can be done at a distance, if you do not live in the Lower Mainland.

Individual sessions allow me to offer information and skills  that are customized to meet your specific needs. You might opt for healing sessions, like a Medical Qigong treatment. Or maybe you’d rather have a coaching session, helping you in crease your awareness and facility with energetic considerations like grounding and boundaries, or somatic awareness and inquiry – feeling into your body more deeply and bringing the wisdom and support your body holds for you into everything that you do.
Even constellation work can be done one-on-one with objects, rather than people, representing the aspects involved.

If you have something you’d like help shifting or figuring out, give me a call and let’s see what’s possible.
I will be adding more specific possibilities in the next month or two.


Brian Mount has studied and practiced these techniques and had offered them in support of the growth and healing of others for many years.

There are many ways to approach WholeBody Living – in supportive community, individual sessions or from a distance.

Thank you for checking out what is happening at WholeBody Living.

Room Available

Do you need a room for your small group? My room is in the middle of Kits in Vancouver BC, close to restaurants and transit. It can host small groups of 6-12 people. Give me a call to discuss it.