I am back to work!

WholeBody Living is open for in-person appointments, including Massage Therapy and other table work. I am taking appointments for all work. Massage Therapy is limited to returning clients only, at this time.

We have made some adjustments to meet the new operating guidelines, but much remains the same. My new procedures are outlined below.

Facility Practices
Physical distancing
  • Please help me keep to 2m spacing during our check-in and assessment, and at the end of your appointment.
  • When the work requires proximity and touch, I will wear a mask to reduce the risk to you, and I ask that you wear a mask to reduce the risk to me.
  • Physical distance is not possible during the treatment portion of some sessions, including massage therapy and other table work.
Reducing points of contact
  • Please remain in your car or outdoors until 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • Knock on the door and wait for me to let you in.
  • Support contact-free payments by adding a credit card to your online booking account; adding credit to your online booking account; or sending an e-transfer on the day of your appointment.
Hand Hygiene

I have always practiced Routine Hand Hygiene. It includes most of what is required in Phase 2.

  • Hand washing will be done with warm soapy water, for at least 20 seconds.
  • I will wash hands
    • immediately upon entering the office.
    • before preparing the treatment room and table.
    • after handling cash or computer.
    • after handling linens post-treatment.
  • You will have an opportunity to wash your hands when you arrive and before you leave.
  • Doors will be opened for you, as required.
  • Screening will be done before we begin work.
  • If there is any indication of symptoms or increased risk to either party; the session will be cancelled at no charge.
  • I will self-screen daily
  • Masks will be worn by both of us, when working in proximity (less than 2m).
    • Help reduce waste by bringing your own reusable mask to your appointment.
    • A single-use paper mask will be provided for you, upon request.
  • Personal Protective equipment is not required for work that can be done at a safe distance of 2m.
Enhanced Cleaning

Routine Cleaning protocols for treatment spaces have always been in effect. Enhanced Cleaning protocols for Phase 2 increase the frequency of cleaning, and ensure that areas are disinfected.

  • Clean visibly soiled surfaces, followed by disinfection.
  • Clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces in between patients, regardless of appearance.
  • Single-use Linens (including blankets), laundered in hot water with bleach.
  • Additional time, after a session to thoroughly clean treatment room.
    • Sanitize the treatment table and table adjustment levers.
    • Sanitize the face cradle.
    • Sanitize equipment and supplies (props, pillows, lotion bottles, etc.)
    • Sanitize high touch areas.
  • Clean and disinfect common areas and high touch surfaces: light switches, phones, table surfaces, etc. at least twice daily.
  • Clean and disinfect handles: doors, cabinets, faucets, fridge, microwave, etc. at least twice daily.
  • Clean electronic device keyboards and mice, phones, desk and table surfaces at least twice daily.

I am looking forward to seeing you in-person soon!