Somatic Inquiry

What if all you have to do is to ask?

Wouldn’t it be helpful if your body could just tell you what it knows?

Somatic inquiry is a trauma-informed approach to reducing long-standing chronic pain and restriction, relieving the effects of past trauma, and achieving confidence in expressing who you are. A unique integrated treatment that supports well-being on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Somatic inquiry is a process of asking questions into the body. Clear questions asked with curiosity access the body’s creative capacity and invite innovation. They can deepen body awareness and shift old patterns and habits held in the body that no longer support you.

What would be possible for you, if your choices were guided and supported by your body’s wisdom?

Somatic inquiry is a way to re-establish and deepen a supportive working relationship with your body.

Your body carries a record of every moment of your life. It is your constant companion and it works endlessly doing the best it can to keep you safe and to provide you with what you desire.

Somatic inquiry allows you to develop a working relationship with your body, and to learn its language – sensation, movement and impulse. Tracking sensation in response to inquiry can help you understand how your body is supporting your wellbeing and what resources or actions would be helpful.

Somatic Inquiry is a unique approach that arose from my training in bodywork while simultaneously training in energy healing. My studies in relational neuroscience, neuroplasticity and the physiology of trauma and self-regulation have refined the work.